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Our Standard: Gnosis Media Group Code of Ethics

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Serving the Public Good

At Gnosis, we believe that a successful business is not just about profits and margins. It's about serving people and our communities. It's about doing more than just generating revenue. It's about cultivating an ethos that sees that making money is not the be-all-end-all. There are things in business that are more important than making money.

We don't accept contracts from prospects who engage in unethical, treasonous or morally-objectionable practices. We cannot in good faith serve the interests of organizations and individuals who engage in practices that are harmful to the public good or injurious to individuals.

Gnosis Media Group believes strongly in serving its community. Through our internship program, coordinated through a partnership with Cambrian College, as well as other colleges, we educate the next generation of communications professionals to be productive, knowledgeable and successful members of their companies and communities.

Occasionally, we donate our services to worthy charities, such as for Hurricane Sandy Relief. And we design products and services to not just generate revenue but to satisfy an important social need, such as the QuitSmoking Group Text Hotline, a text message support group for those trying to quit smoking.

Staff Relations

We see our staff, consultants and contractors as our most valuable assets. We work to treat them with the same understanding, care and respect as our clients and customers. To that end, we commit to

  • Providing staff with gracious - not merely standard - compensation for their work
  • Providing staff with perks, gifts and benefits to reward them for their work
  • Providing staff with professional development opportunities

Commitment to Truth

Is It Our Job to Spin the Story?
Gnosis Media Group strives for the accurate conveyance of truth to all relevant stakeholders and publics with whom we interact. A commitment to truth is not only an essential component of our brand name, but it is also an indispensable element of our ethical conduct. We strive to

  • Always tell our clients the truth concerning their PR campaigns - even when to do so may not be received favorably by them
  • Always deal truthfully with media, social media communities, press and staff
  • To practice the principles of Open Management within our company as much as is practically possible

Imparting Knowledge

Again, knowledge is tantamount to our brand. In fact, that is what "gnosis" means: knowledge. Gnosis Media Group devotes a significant portion of its consulting practice to giving our clients as much knowledge as possible about the best practices in marketing and communications. We do not withhold information, data, analysis or counsel but rather freely give this knowledge to our clients. We want to empower our clients to make the best decisions possible about their own concerns - even if those decisions do not serve an immediate interest to our own company. Imparting knowledge involves

  • Refraining from pushing a service
  • Educating the client in PR so that they can choose the appropriate service
  • Directing the client to another option, even outside our agency, if their needs so suggest
  • Disclosing relevant information or reporting that the client requests
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