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The following are a sampling of mentions of Gnosis Media Group in popular news publications (a.k.a.;d/b/a "Gnosis Arts", "Gnosis Arts Multimedia", and "Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications LLC")


"Text Engine wants to bring internet search to developing countries through text messages"

"A Brooklyn-based real estate development company has licensed the startup’s code and is developing it for Nigeria, while the service has also been tested in countries like Uganda, the Philippines, Kenya, and Romania." Gina Baldassarre, Startup Daily, August 17, 2015 Read the Full Story

"These 5 SMS Services Offer You the Internet Without a Data Plan"

"Text Engine is an attempt to bring back the spirit of Google’s SMS search, and it’s a fairly ambitious one at that. You’ll need to sign up for the service, but it’s free once you do. Services include weather forecasts, sports scores, Wikipedia results and more. Because TextEngine doesn’t require an Android app in order to function, it’s perfect for feature phone users." Justin Pot, MakeUseOf, June 25, 2015 Read the Full Story

"Startup Roundup: Phroogal, BluePrint Healthcare IT, Inkwhy, Accreditrust, Text Engine"

"As a result of our first campaign ... Shari Sloane, and I have been able to bring Text Engine to Manila, Philippines; Kampala, Uganda; and Bucharest, Romania. And the Almat Group, a Brooklyn real estate company, has licensed the code and is working to get Text Engine up and running in Nigeria!" Esther Surden, New Jersey Tech Weekly, May 21, 2015 Read the Full Story

"5 Creative Ways to Be More Productive While Commuting"

"On Twitter, you could get involved in Twitter chats on topics relevant to your business. GnosisArts has a pretty sizeable directory of Twitter chats to help you find one that may be happening during your commute." Larry Kim, Inc., April 8, 2015 Read the Full Story

"11 way to rule Twitter chats"

"Gnosis Media has a comprehensive list of chats as well, and there’s also a Google spreadsheet with many chats on it, including the chats’ moderators, day and time and topics covered." Beki Winchel, Ragan's PR Daily writer, March 22, 2015 Read the Full Story

"10 Ways Doctors Can Make the Most of Social Media"

"Some health care related Twitter chats are #FOAMed, #abcDrBchat, #hcsm, #MDChat and #SocPharm. For a full list of every active Twitter chat there is, check here. -- Brian Honigman, 10 Ways Doctors Can Make the Most of Social Media, retrieved 4/14/2014. Read the Full Story

"An Introduction to Twitter"

" There are Twitter chats on almost every topic you can think of ranging from fantasy writing to moms discussing green living, to money, to food to book clubs. You can find a complete list of all the weekly Twitter chats [on the Gnosis Media Group site]." -- Laurel Robbins, An Introduction to Twitter, retrieved 4/5/2014. Read the Full Story

"7 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Chat"

"For ideas or chats to participate in, check out this list of Twitter chats." -- Wendy Frink, 7 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Chat, retrieved 3/14/2014. Read the Full Story

"Dumbphones in the Classroom"

"Who says students shouldn't have cellphones in school? A special thanks to Eric Bryant, developer of smir.ch, for Tweeting during my session! You can follow him @smir_ch." -- Shari Sloane, Dumbphones in the Classroom, retrieved 3/01/2014. Read the Full Story

"Twitter Community #BCSM Expands Online To Broaden Patient Engagement"

"In the case of #BCSM, there were many who joined the conversation and community 'tweetchats' early on" -- Dan Munro, Twitter Community #BCSM Expands Online To Broaden Patient Engagement, retrieved 2/24/2014. Read the Full Story

"Beginners Guide to Social Media"

"Participate in Twitter chats relevant to the interests of your brand's customers. You'll find like-minded people to help expand your network." -- Kristy Bolsinger, Beginners Guide to Social Media, Chapter 7, retrieved 1/21/2014. Read the Full Story

"How to Twitter Chat"

"If you Google the words "Twitter Chats", you probably won't have any trouble at all finding different lists. For example, here are a few: List of Tweet Chats by Day of Week" -- Amanda MacArthur, About.com Computing: Twitter, retrieved 9/19/2013. Read the Full Story

"3 Useful Twitter Chat Tools plus Bonus Resources"

"List of Tweetchats By Day of Week: Want a large list of Twitter chats broken down by day of the week? This is a Wiki page dedicated to that, with an explanation of each chat right there on the page. They have everything from business chats to nostalgia bombs." -- Ann Smarty, Social Media Today, 5/1/2013. Read the Full Story

"Do You Tweet Chat? Attract new Followers with Organized Twitter Chat"

"If you don't know where to start finding interesting tweet chats, there are some resources out there. Gnosis Arts Media has compiled a tweet chat hashtag list in a wiki format." -- Diana Ost, Dell Social Business Connection, 09/9/2012 Read the Full Story

"Somerset County firm helps nonprofits provide affordable text message donation services"

"One of the firm’s most successful clients is the Bronx Charter School for Excellence, Bryant said. “Using our service, they were able to generate $7,200 in pledges at a fundraiser, all in about 20 minutes time,” he said." -- Erica Lamberg, Courier News, 09/18/2012. Read the Full Story

"Find Twitter Chats In Your Industry: 5 Resources"

"Gnosis Arts. This list of Twitter chats uses a wiki format to organize its information. This means you can browse chats by day of the week or alphabetically, and you can easily search the wiki by subject to narrow down the results to chats in your industry or area of interest." -- Lauren Dugan, MediaBistro's AllTwitter, 01/23/2014 Read the Full Story

"How I Saved My Company: Gnosis Arts"

"Like a lot of business owners, Eric Bryant of Gnosis Arts, an Internet marketing firm started in 2007, found himself struggling during the recession. He thinks his company survived only because of two counterintuitive decisions he made... " Loren Feldman, NYTimes editor, June 16, 2010 Read the Full Story

"Boost Your Online Presence With a Social Media Club"

"Eric Bryant, the Bedminster, N.J.–based director of the publicity firm Gnosis Media Group, has participated in and hosted many free Twitter chats on topics ranging from small business to innovation." -- Elaine Pofeldt, American Express Open Forum, 09/25/2012. Read the Full Story

"InstantRates™ offers hotel availability and pricing in a convenient text"

"Hotel marketing managers and GMs are seeing firsthand how this very simple concept can quickly and easily increase their bookings," said Barbara Bryant, chief of operations for Gnosis Media Group, the company that created the hotel text app. "Using text message technology to benefit hoteliers is so simple, yet powerfully effective." Karen Petersen, Hunstville Examiner, January 30, 2012 Read the Full Story

"How to Master Social Customer Acquisition"

"Eventually, the relationships you build in the Twitter chat communities will extend beyond that hour a week. They make a great foundation for your own community! Tip: Here is a big list of some of the most popular Twitter chats." Read the Full Story

"Power User Spotlight: Small Business Owners Need to Wear Many Hats"

"Small business owners have to balance many aspects of their business, usually on a tight budget and with limited help. Eric Bryant, owner of New Jersey-based multimedia firm, has experienced the challenges and successes of owning his own business. Business.gov interviewed [Gnosis Arts] for some insight into owning and running a small business." -- Jim Dickhans, U.S. Small Business Administration editor, 09/09/2010. Read the Full Story

"Integrating Social Media into the Daily Practice of PR"

"Eric Bryant of Gnosis Arts, a New Jersey-based internet marketing and PR firm that caters to microbusinesses noted the shift in customer expectations. 'PR outcomes have shifted. Marketing and PR are not as distinct as they once were – social media spillover has blurred the lines. The internet brought the worlds of marketing, PR and sales close together – uncomfortably so for some,' he notes. 'The outcomes are different – lead-gen and prospecting. Social media has changed the outcomes people expect – and people expect more.' " -- Sarah Skerik, vice president of social media, PR Newswire, July 7, 2011 Read the Full Story

"10 Tips for Communications Interviews"

"Be prepared to impress people with your knowledge and use of these hot industry terms and phrases. Here is a PR Dictionary and a Social Media Dictionary." 10 Tips for Communications Interviews, Elise Mihranian, (Retrieved March 16, 2014) Read the Full Story

"Must-Have Community Management Resources and Tools"

Gnosis Media maintains this long list of Twitter chats on virtually every topic. You can sort by day of the week, alphabetically or by subject. Joining in on the conversation in different chats can grow your reach and connections very quickly." Sarah Nagel, Sprout Social writer, January 30, 2015 Read the Full Story

"On the Spectrum: Course laid in at tweetchat.com"

"There are many more chats going on; to get an idea of how many, view a curated list and search for chats by subject at Gnosis Media Group: http://gnosisarts.com/home/Tweetchat_Wiki." Cynthia Parkhill, Lake County Record-Bee, February 6, 2012

"The Social Media MBA: Part 3: Social Media Landscape"

"Similarly, there are weekly chats you may be interested in joining via Twitter." Jessica Rogers Windmill Networking blog, March 2012 Read the Full Story

"How #Tweet Chats Offer Great Benefits To Twitter Users"

"Another site that offers the ability to search by subject, day of the week or by alphabetical listing is the Wiki list of tweet chats." Shelley Webb, On the Web Social Media Services blogger, April 7, 2012 Read the Full Story

"Twitter App Lets You Track Keywords By SMS"

"Gnosis Arts Media Group has launched a service that will let you receive notifications via SMS when certain keywords are mentioned on Twitter... The fact that the tool uses SMS alerts is interesting, as it allows anyone with a mobile phone to utilize the service. " Kris Holt, Scribbal tech product reviewer, October 31, 2011 Read the Full Story

"Constructing the Organizational Narrative: PR definition in the making"

"I first got to know Eric Bryant, director, Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications LLC (an Internet PR firm focusing on tech PR, nonprofit PR and local SEO) through Twitter chats, primarily #kaizenblog. On first online meeting, Eric can seem to be incredibly intense, mainly because he is constantly asking chat participants questions about topics in which he has a deep interest–he challenges assumptions, stereotypes and platitudes. Eric forces one to provide a comprehensive back story, as well as proof points.But the other side of Eric is that once you win his respect with your information, arguments and persuasion, he becomes an incredibly generous champion. (As Eric appears to be with his own staff.) ... " Judy Gombita, former vice president, member communications, International Association of Business Communicators, writing for PRConversations, August 18, 2011 Read the Full Story

"Interview with Gnosis Arts"

"The idea of “multimedia communications” was conceived to be a sort of catch-all for the various types of online media and marketing services we provide. We do multimedia (e.g., audio, video, IM apps) but we also do communications (e.g., wikipedia writing, press releases). And we do SEO and internet marketing, which (loosely) falls under the “multimedia“ category. We struggled to come up with a business name that could capture and represent these diverse services. And we had to drop a couple services completely, despite the fact that they generated revenue, such as piano teaching and philosophical counseling – becuase they just simply caused too much brand confusion and conflict for prospective clients. -- Stella Stopfer, We Are Micro, October 29, 2010 Read the Full Story

"Tweetchat Mobile Lookup Powered by Tropo"

"...Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications LLC, recently reached out to me on Twitter to share with me a link consisting of existing Tweet Chat time schedules for people to get started and participate in these chats online. If you participate in Tweetchats, then you know how hard it is to remember the dates – especially seeing as how they’re growing so fast and there are so many of them in existence already. Anyone can edit the Wiki, all you need to do is create an account." -- Chris Mathieu, tech blogger, February 15, 2011 Read the Full Story

"Gnosis Arts Media Group To Launch Ask a PRofessor (TM), a Real Time Q&A Service"

"Gnosis Arts Media Group, an Internet PR firm in the Greater NYC area, will soon be launching Ask a PRofessor (TM), a real time Q & A service that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Ask A PRofessor utilizes IM, SMS and the Twitter API – along with the assistance of a real, live professor – provide answers to public relations questions, in real time, round the clock." -- Brian S. Rice, editor, B2C online magazine, April 25, 2011 Read the Full Story

"Gnosis Arts Media Group unleashes its newest development, right to your phone"

"[The SMS Twitter keyword alert tool] might be a valuable, easy way for people such as small business owners to find out when people are talking about their company on Twitter so they can respond quickly to any issues while they are on the go." Sheriff Bailey, tech blogger, Sociable360, Nov. 2, 2011 Read the Full Story

Michigan Mobile Technology Association

"Linda Daichendt to Discuss Mobile Marketing Trends in Michigan at the IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit" MTAM News Release, August 20, 2011 Read the Full Story

"Twitter Monitoring Tool Release by Gnosis Arts Media"

"Cara Sanfelice of Gnosis Arts Media said in a statement the online tool will allow people to connect with others who are using specific keywords, and it can be used anywhere and anytime." InternetQ, a UK-based mobile technology firm, Nov. 4, 2011 Read the Full Story

"First News Briefs for May 29, 2012"

"... at struggling BlackBerry maker Research In Motion...Gnosis Media Group says it has developed a text-to-pledge donation service as an alternative to SMS fundraising platforms. The service is cheaper than other mobile donation platforms, Gnosis says, making it better suited for smaller nonprofits." Wireless Week, Maisie Ramsey, May 29, 2012 Read the Full Story

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