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SEO Press Releases

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is now an important aspect of press release visibility. With our SEO Press Release, you can choose the keyword or keyword phrase for which you want your press release to rank highly in the Google Main search results. You can also specify the exact link that will be used for your keyword link.

Also, you get to include a caption for your image, which also helps with SEO.

Our search engine optimized press releases have produced page 1 rankings for their designated keywords. SEO makes your press releases more effective and gives them more visibility. Searchers who are looking for the types of products or services described within your press release will be more likely to find them when Googling them.

What You Get With Our Press Release SEO

Your SEO press release will be published to our newsroom here.
Also, as our site is a Google News Approved Site,
your press release will be syndicated to Google News and its news partners.

SEO Press Releases also include
  • Adding and optimizing the H-tags for your press release
  • Adding content to the Alt Img Src Attribute of your press image
  • Adding appropriate anchor text within hyperlinks
  • Optimizing your press release title for optimum Google News search visibility
  • Publication on our Google+ page with your target keyword tagged
  • Additional syndication to our Amazon Authors Page

SEO Press Release Sample   Sample Press Release for SEO

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