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Tweetchats As Content Curation and Social Object

You may be wondering why a PR firm would have a tweetchat list on our site. There is a reason for this. Tweetchats are a form of content curation that can be very valuable for public relations purposes. In case you don't know, a tweetchat is like a virtual meeting but held on Twitter. They meet at specific times and dates, and have hosts, moderators, and guest speakers. You identify the chat by using a #hashtag. For example, our firm co-founded #qrchat - a chat all about QR codes and their use in marketing and PR. Tweetchats foster engagement, conversation, relationship-building and brand-building - all of which are staples of good PR practice.

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Our interest in tweetchats stems from several marcomm considerations. Tweetchats offer extraordinary public relations opportunities when leveraged properly. Having created tweetchats in the past, we know the communications value they offer. We help businesses start and grow their own tweetchats that will bring added publicity to their organizations, products or personal brands. Tweetchats can be an excellent PR tool for developing an engaged audience, gaining new clients, and customers, and increasing social media visibility.

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