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The Technopiano

The Technopiano is an ambitious music composition project our developers are currently working on. The idea is to create a sort of technological piano that generates a musical scale. The Technopiano utilizes computer code (Javascript) to play the notes of the chromatic scale. Each note of the scale is a single audio file. As there are 12 notes in the (western) chromatic scale, there are 12 one-note audio files.

The Technopiano, an Algorithmic Musical Note Generator

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The Technopiano is a computer program that calls - or plays - one of these audio files, at random. As you can see, the Technopiano combines mathematics, technology and sound in order to create a musical "composition." The Technopiano works based on a random number you enter in; the "virtual piano" then runs the computer program that specified number of times. Each time the program runs, a note is potentially selected, randomly, from the set of 12 audio files.

Our role model for inventing the Technopiano is jazz pianist McCoy Tyner. In 1989, Tyner recorded a brilliant jazz composition titled Four by Five. Four by Five utilized many elements of avant-garde, free jazz vocabulary that was becoming vogue during that period including advanced musical devices such as hemiolas, contrapuntal fragmentation, polytonality and atonality. Tyner, like many of the jazz greats of his era, pushed the envelope of jazz innovation.

Listen to McCoy Tyner's Four by Five

The Technopiano is our first, fledgling attempt to pay homage to brilliant composers like Tyner. It is one of several artistic projects that Gnosis Arts artists and developers are collaborating on. Our hope is that the Technopiano will aid our piano students in developing their own unique, limitless perspective on music - a perspective which will enrich their musical learning and enhance their musical training. For example, the Technopiano can be utilized as a piano teaching aid for ear training, musicology and composition instruction.

Interpretive Photography

Our study, use and artistic development of the photographic arts arose out of a very practical need: to aid our clients in their Internet marketing strategy. An important part of Search Marketing is image optimization. Image optimization - a subdivision of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - refers to techniques which help search engines and web searchers easily locate your website's images, in the hopes that locating such images will increase the chances of the searcher visiting your website.

Multimedia Photo Editing Interpretive Photography Photo Editing Images & Reputation Management Images for Internet Marketing

Digital photography can be a powerful and effective multimedia tool in our clients' Internet marketing strategy. Image optimization can also be useful for traffic and lead generation. The age-old adage holds true on the Internet as well as in life: "People would rather see a sermon, than hear (or read?) one." Riveting, stirring, provocative images move and inspire consumers. As a result, images can create an indelible memory of a business or brand name, and is therefore essential in reputation management.

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As a result of this, the Gnosis Arts team understands the close connection between digital photography, image optimization and the spirit of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is about building Internet reputation and visibility through establishing online networks, gaining admirers and followers, contributing desirable, user-generated web content and building online communities. We have found that photography - which is an art form unto itself - can greatly aid our clients in galvanizing these Web 2.0 elements. Image optimization can bring a client into contact with individuals, organizations, associations and community groups which they would not otherwise meet. This, we have discovered, almost always has a positive impact on our clients' overall business success.

At Gnosis Arts, we believe very strongly in the transformative power of the arts. And we know that when the fine arts are combined with the technological arts there is no limit to both personal and business achievement.

Jazz Theory & Composition

Gnosis Arts approaches music composition with an adventurous spirit. We always strive for newness and novelty in everything we do. The musicians with whom we collaborate believe that the possibilities for music composition are limited only by one's own imagination, inventiveness and inspiration.

Sample Jazz Compositions of Our Piano Teachers

End Of Innocence

Spanish Phrygian

When My Soul Is Set Free

Free Association III

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